Monday, May 06, 2019

Ex-Airplane Manufacturer

Concern for safety is so poor, and presumably affects everything in the company, that it's not too hard to contemplate the possibility, if not current reality, of being down one major commercial airplane manufacturer that can be trusted to make airplanes that won't fall out of the sky. And that would means there was only one left.
Boeing Co. knew months before a deadly 737 Max crash that a cockpit alert wasn’t working the way the company had told buyers of the single-aisle jetliner.

I'm making a general point about the fragility of these kinds of things if we put too much power in private hands without appropriate regulation and safeguards. The world won't collapse tomorrow if we couldn't make anymore airplanes for awhile, but it would be a bit of an issue.

As for the specifics, a bunch of people (not sure who! just sure there are a bunch) should be in jail and no one thinks they will go because the planes weren't operating from countries "we" think matter. I'm not sure anyone thinks they would go to the slammer if planes operating from domestic carriers fell out of the sky, either.