Monday, May 06, 2019

Foul Sports

I didn't watch the big horse race and have no knowledge about horse racing and do not know if I agree with My President that what happened was a very politically incorrect travesty (likely not, but he gets it right occasionally!), but as for other sports I am slightly more familiar with:

I do not like games where too much of the game revolves around fouls and penalties and whatever they are called in your favorite sport. The game of football has long had too much to do with whether penalties are called, and (I am certainly not the first person to observe) that every touchdown now seems to depend on some rule requiring an instant replay to decipher (I forget, why, precisely, I am not that big of a fan), has taken the excitement out of the important moments.

They are much less important in soccer, which makes all the "flopping" (OWWW REF HE HURT ME SO BAD I FELL AND AM CRYING ok gonna get up now) that much more unforgivable. It barely matters most of the time and they do it anyway!

Basketball is half a contest about putting the ball in the hoop and half a contest of convincing a ref that the other guy touched you when he wasn't supposed to. "Drawing a foul" should not be a key game strategy.

I don't watch enough hockey to know anything.

Baseball seems ok. Can always quibble about the institution of instant replays, but at least they do seem to make correct calls more likely instead of just conforming to a different arbitrary judgment, as is often the case in football.

I am not a big sports fan so real sports fans can tell me I am wrong.