Sunday, May 19, 2019


It's like dumb mass transit idea bingo. Why does nobody understand how public transit works.

Even before getting to the technology, what people really value is a one seat ride. Make them switch and they're not going to want to ride it.

A magnetic monorail is being considered to spare drivers the extra time in traffic getting to and from the American Dream in East Rutherford.

The high-speed Maglev monorail -- which floats on magnets -- would be an alternative to the extension of the Meadowlands rail line, currently operating out of MetLife Stadium, Gov. Phil Murphy said.

I think the proposal is to take it from Seacucus Junction to the Meadowlands, which is about FOUR AND ONE HALF MILES. Nothing traveling four and a half miles needs to be either high speed or on magnets and I will never understand the obsession with monorails and also too if it's maglev it isn't on a rail oh never mind.

What you need is high frequency and high capacity. Get something up to the space age speed of 60MPH and it will take FIVE MINUTES to travel this distance.