Tuesday, May 28, 2019

It's Not The Lies, It's The Lying

I'm so old I remember when there couldn't be a story about John Kerry that didn't refer to him as a "flip flopper" or, before that, a story about Al Gore which didn't suggest he was a big liar because he "claimed he invented the internet" which he did not do and what he did say was completely true. Most of the individual Trump lies don't matter, really, and "fact checking" them is boring and repetitive and usually misses the point. Donald Trump is a big liar, has been his whole life in documented ways which clearly show that he was lying, not that he misspoke or similar, and every time he gets on the teevee he lies at machine gun speeds about everything. Objectitudinal journalists love to retreat behind faux standards of objectivity when they fail to cover something in the obvious way they should be covered, but "wow Donald Trump lies a lot" is well within the boundaries of that kind of poitical journalism. Or you can just quote someone else saying "wow Donald Trump lies a lot" which is how the smart kids do it when they want to pretend they aren't expressing an "opinion."

It's kind of a big story that the president lies so much that it's difficult to keep track, at least as big of a story as John Kerry switched his positions on a couple of issues. Also, I think, something Donald Trump has done.