Monday, May 13, 2019

Just To Watch It Burn

We have different sets of issues, if oddly parallel in some ways, but both the UK and US press (in broad brush general terms of course) seem to be amazingly committed to watching the reality show that is, well, reality, and treating it as a show. I don't care about bullshit claims of objectivity because in very obvious ways, not just subtle ones, they decide what matters and what doesn't matter every day. What to get upset about, what they think "we" should get upset about, etc.

Yes it's the political press and Not All Journalists but the political press are the reality show editors. Their colleagues film a bunch of stuff and then they pick and choose what gets into the final cut that most people see. At some point they decided the best way to cover the reality show president was as a reality show, but even most dumb teenagers know that reality shows aren't real.