Thursday, May 02, 2019

Some Call Him The Space Cowboy

There are two criticisms of the Clinton campaign (these are separate from press coverage of that campaign). One is that Clinton was, despite her backing of the entire D establishment, a bad candidate who could not overcome her reputation. The other was that Robby Mook ran a dumb campaign because Clinton hires morons. I think even most Bernie Bros side with the latter, mostly, even though Bernie Bros are not her biggest fans by definition. The criticism of the Dem establishment, that they themselves are making, is that they cannot choose the singer. This is weird. Our judgment was wrong last time we're gonna get it right this time!

The black guy from Kenya, whatever his flaws (he was black and Muslim and from Kenya and hung out with angry black communist preachers which dominated media coverage for months), ran good campaigns. Pretty sure it's the song and the dumbasses you hire.