Monday, May 20, 2019

The Bubble

Most people - even people who live in the evil coastal liberal enclaves - don't live in the "bubble" the reporters and centrist goober pundits are always yammering about. The people who do live in the bubble are... those people. New York City, for example, is a city of 9 million people and not all of them went to school near Boston and then had their parents float their entire lifestyle for their 20s so they could afford to live in New York City while "hustling" for a job in elite journalism by networking with other similar people. I mean, the way to get outside the "New York City" bubble that they keep talking about is to strike up a conversation with literally any random person walking down the street in New York City who isn't walking in or out of the NYT building, because that bubble isn't about New York City, or mostly not even the rural/urban divide, it's about about class. Not class having to do with money - though that too - but a tiny sliver of of the population that had a very particular path through life which put them in a position to write about "the heartland" as if it was Mars. Bitches.