Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Distraction of Other Horrors

Sometimes I turn away from the horrors of the Trump administration to distract myself with other horrors for a bit. Can't hulk out 24/7, and other things can at least be amusing, as they matter less or are far away.

It has been weird watching so much of UK politics begin to mirror our own. There were always some parallels of course. Right versus Left. The Iraq war played different but still prominent roles. The media - both the explicit right wing media (print there, more TV here), and the Right's take over of the faux-objective media (TV there, more print here).

But now perhaps even more than our country, everything is driven by generational and racial resentment, which is now reaching its pinnacle with the new Tory leadership (the Prime Minister) to be chosen by approximately 80,000 members with the average age of 65+ (there are no published stats so this is a bit of a guess people have made). Needless to say this is not the most diverse and cosmopolitan segment of British society, and the people running for the position are currently trying to out-stupid each other to gain their votes.