Friday, May 10, 2019

The Scary Noisy City

I went to the fancy opera the other night, which I walk to or take the bus to because I am a true elitist, and after the end of the show an older-than-me man (I can't say just "older" anymore because, well...) joked to his wife, "my car was parked in a parking lot just half a block away before the show, though I'm not sure if it'll still be there." He was kidding in that he wasn't really worried about his car, but it was that suburban Philadelphian "I am visiting a war zone, wish me luck!" kidding-on-the-square haha the city is so frightening kind of kidding.

Philly home prices haven't exactly gone up to Seattle levels, but, you know, they aren't cheap anymore. Do they think people really are scared to leave their homes?