Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Team That Scores The Most Points Wins, Even If The Scoring Rules Are Complicated

There will come a moment when a team of people take responsibility for spending a billion bucks or so to unseat the incumbent president, Donald Trump. Some of these people will be mercenaries. Some will be true believing dogooders. Some will be thinking more about their careers than baby cages. All of those are actually fine as long as they understand it's their job to get it done, and that "we would've won if not for [russia, jill stein, jim comey, the new york times, berniebros, susan sarandon, stupid fucking voters, the kids today, whatever new exciting thing 2020 offers]" while perhaps was/is/willbe true, doesn't actually matter. You'll have chosen a candidate and taken a big person job and the excuses, even true ones, won't mean shit.