Tuesday, May 07, 2019

With Some Power Comes Some Responsibility

I know the House Democrats don't have infinite power, but they have some, and they idea that they shouldn't do aggressive oversight because, well, voters might not like it and after all there's an election in (checks calendar) 16 months, is absurd.

Above my pay grade to know if the best strategy is to start impeachment hearings yesterday, or to haul Jared in and put him in the stocks, or (I'll even allow) do aggressive oversight and hearings and investigation that avoid direct legal confrontations with Trump until the time is right.

But even during the Bush years they took the time to come up with arcane legal arguments every time they didn't want pesky Democrats getting in their bizness - gotta admit "Fourthbranch" was pretty clever! - and the Trummpkins are just responding to requests and subpoenas with the Ancient Common Law argument of "LOL no" with both "LOL" and "no" spelled incorrectly.

Gotta make some effort to not further enshrine that congressional oversight of Republican presidents by a Democratic Congress is merely a courtesy, because we're creeping pretty close to the idea that letting Democrats in office at all is merely a courtesy. Everybody knows the Supreme Court is about to enshrine the notakebacks precedent that "Democrat laws are unconstitutional" as it is.