Monday, June 03, 2019


Back in the Bush years, when Fox was ascendant, it was not entirely obvious how bad it was to many. It wasn't because it's actually much worse now, it's that it was barely different than what was on its sister networks, MSNBC and CNN. Post-9/11 they all fell all over themselves to make the steely-eyed rocket man our own God King, Our Protector, The One Who Kept Us Safe. Practically every morning Bush would give the same dumb speech at some "factory" or similar, with a ridiculous number of flags in the background. They'd all dutifully cover it, and only occasionally take a break from the adulation to sneer at some mild disagreement from a Democrat who just Did Not Get That Everything Had Changed.

And even in the Obama years, when its ridiculousness became increasingly apparent, it was possible to see it as at least being in opposition to the guy in charge, Obama, which whatever its faults at least had a punching up aspect to it.

Now it's 100% clear that it isn't just conservative, or Republican supporting, but an entirely manufactured alternative universe that rage junkie seniors spend their days hooked on, impervious to any outside information. Also there are a lot of them and they vote and despite what you hear tend to hate their kids and grandkids.