Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Steve Dunleavy Is Dead

For reasons I don't understand there's a weird respect given to the worst of the worst reporters at the worst of the worst of outlets in America, the New York Post. Maybe not everyone is tainted by their association with that place, but Dunleavy himself was the taint.

I'm not normally one to speak ill of the dead right away, but waking up to a couple of more generous than etiquette requires tributes to the great man pissed me off.

It isn't only bad act he should be remembered for, but he was the primary "national journalist" behind the successful release of Wayne DuMond, a rapist and child molester who, after release, went on to rape another woman and murder her. Clinton conspiracy theories in the 90s made Benghazi look reasonable. Basically DuMond's victim was a distant relative of Bill Clinton. After his arrest, DuMond was castrated, though it's quite likely he did it to himself. The right wing conspiracy theory was that Bill Clinton sent his goons to do this, and also that DuMond was actually innocent because reasons. It became one of those weird right wing causes that most people were unaware of in the 90s, egged on by Dunleavy, eventually leading to DuMond's early parole under the great leadership of America's favorite nice governor, Mike Huckabee.

And then he raped and murdered a woman and, well, bygones.