Monday, July 08, 2019

A+ Trolling

From Bouie.
What is President Trump going to do to win the voters who rejected him in 2016?

It’s a serious question. Roughly 137 million people voted in the last presidential election. Most of them — about 74 million people, or 54 percent of all ballots cast — did not vote for Trump. His self-proclaimed “massive landslide” rests on a thin margin of victory in just three states.

Once in office, Trump abandoned the heterodox Republicanism of his campaign for hard-right policies opposed by most Americans. He fought to repeal the Affordable Care Act. When that failed, he pushed for an unpopular upper-income tax cut. He reveled in cruelty toward immigrants and took the side of racist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Va. He governs for his base alone, with no sense or understanding of the collective good.
The thing is even though he's trolling it's actually a perfectly reasonable non-trolling column, but instead of these we see 400 of the mirror versions from nevertrumpers and "moderate Democrats."