Monday, July 22, 2019

Bad Men And The Bad Men Who Protect Them

I'm not going to argue that everyone who was aware of, for example, Charlie Rose's behavior had an obligation to come forward with it. I think we understand that not everyone who tried would even be heard, and attempting would be a career-destroying move. Some people have the luxury of taking such risks. Other people gotta eat and put food on their families.

But of course Charlie Rose wasn't just untouchable because people below him weren't going to risk their careers and reputations to try to take him down. He was untouchable because he was protected by his peers and bosses. People - mostly men, but probably not just - who didn't have to protect him. Who didn't have to create a safe space for him to abuse in. Who didn't have to sign his absurdly large checks.

You get that stuff when it's like Hollywood's Most Bankable Star who brings in the megabucks. That doesn't make it right but okay at least "it's all about the money" is an argument. But Charlie Rose? Matt Fucking Lauer? Lauer was a thing maybe in 1995 but we know there's no way he was actually pulling in his salary in added ratings and advertising bucks. Old, bald, and creepy is no way to bring in the ratings, I say as someone increasingly old, bald, and hopefully not as creepy.