Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fix The Insulin Problem

I'm not one who is ever especially optimistic that our political system is up to the task of fixing things, but the insulin problem seems like pretty low hanging fruit with ways to solve it (some bad! but still) that don't even harm stakeholders. Type 1 diabetics are relatively common in that we all probably know somebody with it, they exist in all race/class categories, there is no "lifestyle" to blame (even incorrectly) for their illness so that they can somehow be faulted for their condition, insulin is incredibly cheap to make, and the the history of it makes clear that those who are profiting off of it obscenely are basically just criminals exploiting a bad system.
Laverty has Type 1 diabetes, and as of that day in 2017, he was no longer eligible for coverage under his parents’ health insurance. He found himself needing medication to live that he could not afford.