Sunday, July 14, 2019

Followers of Jesus

My long pet peeve is people trying to impose Christianity on Christians. I don't really know or care if, for example, Mike Pence is 100% full of shit or if he truly believes he is A Good Christian (he can also, too, be both!) But obviously his Christianity does not bear any resemblance to any kind of "caring Jesus" brand of Christianity and it isn't productive to even suggest it should.

Being an evil piece of shit or a big hypocrite doesn't make him not a Christian. If he says he's a Christian, he is one. Pointing out that he's a Bad Christian just lends credence to the idea that embracing the label somehow should make you Good. Nothing against religion or Christianity but while it doesn't necessarily make you Bad, it also obviously doesn't necessarily make you Good. "But Mr. Pence, you're a Christian, and according to Jesus you must be Good!" This just lets him continue cloaking himself in false Goodness. That nice Mr. Pence can't be Bad, he's a Christian! Not how it works.