Friday, July 05, 2019


We're all hacks to some degree. Some of this is both a bit unconscious and justified. We're more favorably inclined to politicians we like and the party we like and more likely to trust that even when they're doing something wrong that ultimately they have some grand plan to do the right thing. Obama did a lot of bad and dumb stuff, some of which was supposedly to "win over" the evil lunatics known as The Republican Party, and while none of that ever actually worked out I get that people trusted that he had A Plan (if only we deport a few more people we'll get that comprehensive immigration bill...).

And then there are the real hacks. The paid spinners. Probably cable news should not rely on these people so much, but they've got a job to do and they do it.

But hackery in the age of Trump is off the charts, even by people who aren't (at least directly) paid to be hacks. If Trump put his gold toilet out on the White House lawn and went out there naked to do his business every day at noon, they'd praise the new aura of nobility* he had brought to the office. It's quite nuts.

*Historically this is something actual nobles would probably do, as they often weren't exactly drawn from the finest gene pool, but this would not be what they meant.