Wednesday, July 31, 2019

To The Left To The Left To The Left To The Left

Trump is unlikely to quiet down the racism, because that's his one true ideology aside from "give me all the money," but otherwise he's likely to run to the left on issues. He'll rarely if ever be asked to explain himself or how he plans to pay for it because savvy reporters will be in on it and know he's full of shit - though they won't bother to tell you that he's full of shit - but Dems shouldn't be surprised when Trump starts pretending that all prescription drugs will cost $1 a prescription IF THE DEMOCRATS GET OUT OF HIS WAY or some shit like that. CRAZY BERNIE WANTS YOU TO PAY MORE FOR DRUGS.

Trump will soon start promising Nice Things, maybe even nicer things than most of the Democrats. He'll be full of shit, of course, but so are some of the Dems.