Sunday, August 11, 2019

Healthy Country

I really don't see a way forward which isn't "no deal Brexit" though no deal Brexit isn't a real thing. It just means "we didn't bother to solve all the problems we have to start solving piece by piece now."
Britons have spent £4bn stockpiling goods in preparation for a possible no-deal Brexit, new research suggests.

One in five people are already hoarding food, drinks and medicine, spending an extra £380 each, according to a survey by the finance provider Premium Credit. The survey found that about 800,000 people have spent more than £1,000 building up stockpiles before the 31 October Brexit deadline.

If the UK leaves with no deal, businesses predict there will be short-term supply problems, which the government says it is mitigating.
Not entirely sure how "short-term supply problems" get solved.