Thursday, August 15, 2019

Meatloaf Remainers

It's the joke that might actually save the country, pointing out very simply that the group of people who have made their entire political raison d'etre opposition to Brexit were, in fact, just using it as one more thing to use to complain about Corbyn with. They dislike Corbyn more than they dislike Brexit, and "Corbyn isn't doing the right thing to stop Brexit!!!" has almost always been stupid and disingenuous and just a way to try to undermine him. The Lib Dems, the upChuks, the Blairites, the other "Labour Centrists" have been full of shit for years and as is always the case the "crazy" people who pointed this out are now being greeted with "of course you idiots this was true all along."
Jeremy Corbyn has written to MPs inviting them to install him in Downing Street, having deposed Boris Johnson with a vote of no confidence. His tenure would, he promises, be “strictly time-limited” – long enough to call a general election and seek the necessary article 50 extension to conduct a ballot.
But in the minds of scores of MPs he is not. His past equivocations over Europe are not the reason, or at least not the only reason. Pro-European Tory rebels, Liberal Democrats, the rag-tag platoon of independents and semi-autonomous tribes of Labour MPs have spent months fretting about ways to thwart a hard Brexit, apparently ready to pull every procedural lever and contemplate all manner of unorthodox coalitions. Not much has been excluded from those considerations, except for a tacit prohibition on any route that makes a prime minister of the current Labour leader. Their horror of Corbyn is equal to – or greater than – their horror of Brexit. That has been so well understood by the participants in the discussion that few have felt much need to articulate it. Corbyn’s letter now obliges them to spell it out.
No man is perfect, but the truth is Corbyn has handled the "stop Brexit" movement about as well as possible, given the electorate and the intra-party coalition he has had to work with. It is true that he'd probably be fine with a "soft Brexit" and even prefer it, but it's also true that a "soft Brexit" would be a reasonable outcome. The people undermining the stop Brexit movement have been its leaders, because it's really been a Stop Corbyn movement all along. All of their "stop Brexit" ideas were truly stupid and unworkable and now they admit they never really cared.

I would do anything to stop Brexit, but I won't do that...

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