Friday, August 02, 2019

Musk Versus The Monrail

Pretty sure this is never going to be completed, certainly not on schedule. But it's going to be hilarious if it is!
According to a TechCrunch report, TBC’s Las Vegas project may significantly damage support columns for the existing monorail. And it will still require human drivers. In the past, The Boring Company has promised some type of efficient travel through narrow tunnels with “electric autonomous vehicles with alignment wheels.”
How is this even possible?
Loop plans submitted by TBC to Las Vegas show a modest glass structure at surface level, with elevators, escalators and stairs leading down to a mezzanine level with gates, and then down again to three platforms. With no room at the platform level for vehicles to turn around, it appears TBC’s people movers will operate in both forward and reverse.
These are supposedly modified Teslas (I have no idea how this makes sense) so you're going to have to put pedals and steering wheels on both sides?

Sorry, Las Vegas, shoulda left this one to Shelbyville.