Monday, August 26, 2019

Or You Can Vote To Defund ACORN

Journalists (some) do have these weird and dumb notions of JOURNALISM but the issue about bad faith (as opposed to good faith and correct or even good faith but misguided and wrong) attacks on you and your employees is that is shouldn't be that hard to figure out if it is actually in bad faith or even in good faith but wrong or who cares. If your employees do "bad things" whether that's bad tweets or trying to ruin the careers of colleagues who won't sleep with them, it is up to you, the boss, to decide whether you need to back your employees (because they deserves to be backed) and then explain that to the rest of your employees.

An under appreciated thing is that there is so much bad management in our dumb society. Not just bad management in the broad abstract sense of "badly running a company." Bad management in the sense of being just being bad at managing employees and employee issues.