Friday, August 23, 2019

Our Ivy League Betters

One really doesn't know where to start with my local hero, Amy Wax, as one could start with any sentence, but how about:
And the question is: Why are successful, peaceful, orderly, prosperous, technologically advanced, democratically sound countries so rare and so few, and why do they clump up in one tiny corner of the globe, namely Europe, the Anglosphere?
There's too much wrong with even this one little sentence such that even the least important ones... (is Europe the Anglosphere, or is the Anglospehre a tiny corner of the globe spanning [checks globe] almost the full range of time zones? what is she talking about)

Even if you ignore (because they all ignore) various forms and manifestations of colonialism and empire... There were two recent wars which mostly involved the peaceful and orderly people of Europe slaughtering each other. The UK (anglosphere!) alone lost 800,000 people in the first one and 450,000 in the second one. Some other countries lost a few more.