Monday, August 05, 2019

Shut The Fuck You Stupid Assholes

Yesterday we got Better Beto.

There's this lingering fantasy (a bit Jimmy Stewart, a bit Cronkite of legend, sprinkled with some West Wing Fairy dust), that a politician comes along and Tells The Truth, and there's some cathartic moment where people See the Light and everything Gets Better. This is bullshit, and the truth would be a bit more Bullworth/Network than this particular fantasy, but one reason it's bullshit is that the people capable of endorsing and magnifying that moment are largely part of the system that needs to critiqued. The political press (Not All Journalists) are mostly just players in this particular bit of theater known as politics, and the great truthtelling moment requires an indictment of them as much as anything. So, yes, fuck you and your stupid ass questions you stupid fucking fucks. The president has been the leader of a racist terrorist movement since the campaign and you've all ignored it and invented increasingly ridiculous euphemisms for it so, like members of the press, what the fuck?