Monday, August 12, 2019

They're All Just Quite A Bit Racist

Too much of what the objectitudinal press does is excused as a desire to placate rabid conservatives, instead of seeing it as just doing what they think they should be doing.

Tolerance of racism by conservatives (it isn't just Trump) isn't simply because they have appear to be Fair to Both Sides, it's because many in the press are just pretty tolerant of racism. Have you been paying attention to much of the coverage of, for example, poverty and crime over the last several decades? Or the general tolerance of "race science" by our glorious liberal editors? Have seen the "it's just science, stupid liberals" argument so many times by elite members of the press who think that believing black people are just stupid is the height of intellectual sophistication and bravery.*

We're not racist, we just speak perfectly for the guys in Ohio diners who are, from our 3 bedroom UES perches.

(The whole concept of "intellectual bravery" is hilarious. The bravery to say things which are disgusting and wrong which are basically conventional wisdom (and evil and wrong) for large checks in elite publications).