Friday, August 02, 2019

What's It All About Then

CAP's VP of Health Policy saying it's absurd to focus on... health policy (resign then, bitch!)... is just part of the "whatever The Left happens to think is important that day must be shouted down" and the more general "anything which sounds like it's criticizing Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, even obliquely, must not be tolerated, at least if the wrong people are saying it" and also, too, "Biden 2020!"
The argument against Democrats and the left criticizing and distancing themselves from Obama is an argument against evolution and progress. Practically speaking, it’s also an argument against the left, which is the real crux of the argument that Obama’s defenders are making.

The underlying reason why the Obama criticism stings so much is that it equally serves as an indictment of these defenders, and of their politics over the past decade. For most of these people, a return to “normal”—life under Obama, or even George W. Bush—is all that’s needed, because life was perfectly fine for them under these presidents. As others within the Democratic Party have slowly but surely started to realize, it wasn’t fine for everyone, and so the party is now having a thorough debate about how to deal with that. And you cannot have that conversation without talking about the last president of the United States.