Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Why Aren't You Talking About The Thing I Think Is The Most Important Thing

Fortunately that era mostly faded. Those of us who remember way back to [checks notes] 2017 remember the weird internet thing where every horrible thing Trump did or said was a DELIBERATE DISTRACTION from the other horrible thing he said or did which by some unquestionable metric was WAY MORE IMPORTANT. This was dumb because Trump is just a rage monster who doesn't give any thought to anything. Sure he has a bit of the instincts of a showman and I don't doubt that occasionally he does do a racism or similar to get attention, but even if WE SHOULD IGNORE THE DISTRACTION just talking about stuff on the internet or not talking about it sadly usually doesn't affect the world so much.

Still even in the Bush era there seemed to be moments when random distractions like "this is a fun TV show!" didn't seem inappropriate on this sucky blog or elsewhere. Not so much these days, and not because the Trump era is worse. Bush was bad. Don't forget.