Thursday, September 12, 2019

Little Things

I'm all for SUPERTRAINS but there are lots of little projects (electrification, double tracking, bridge repairs, also just RUNNING MORE EFFING TRAINS) that can improve our rail network.
The federal government has signed off on Virginia’s plans to expand the number of railway tracks between D.C. and Richmond, which will mean more passenger train capacity, increased reliability and a slight uptick in train speeds in the future.

The DC2RVA high speed rail project would add a third track along the stretch between the two cities, and a fourth track from Alexandria to Long Bridge, which connects Virginia and D.C. over the Potomac River.

We had some pretty super trains that weren't actually SUPERTRAINS by modern standards back in the day. New York to Chicago in <16 hours back in the good old days. 60 MPH average speed. Top speed is sexy, but average speed is what matters... If only there had been more shovel ready projects.