Tuesday, September 10, 2019


I don't like the "WELL THEY VOTED FOR THIS" refrain because it's often applied to regions where of course not all people voted for "this" and also while smart voters like you and me knew better, during the campaign Trump said a lot of things and not all of them were actually bad, but...
Instead of directing their anger at Trump, dozens of farmers interviewed by Reuters blasted the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other Washington institutions they believe are thwarting his true agenda. Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories involving USDA staff are circulating in farm country and gaining traction online.

Trump voter Byron Heppler, a soybean and corn farmer from Calhoun, Kentucky, said he is open to considering other Republican candidates if any emerge. He said he believes USDA's research methods are flawed and he feels its employees want to unseat Trump, although he offered no evidence to back up those views.

Other disgruntled farmers have also alleged, without offering evidence, that federal agriculture employees are overestimating corn plantings as part of a plot to hurt Trump in the 2020 election. These farmers said they believe USDA employees are upset the administration is relocating hundreds of economists and other researchers to Kansas City from Washington.

Above my pay grade whether the USDA is bad (probably it is, in many ways, bad, as US ag policy is, in many ways, bad), but doubt this is a secret coup by soybean counters.