Friday, September 27, 2019

Obama People Are Big Hypocrites So Checkmate Libs

The first rule of the New York Times is that you cannot criticize the New York Times.

So the federal government did one thing which was maybe bad (going after illegal leakers to the press), and a newspaper, which is not the federal government, did a totally different thing (potentially outing a whistleblower who tried to do things through legal means and was prevented by illegal acts of his superiors) WHICH WAS NOT BAD SO STOP SAYING THAT, and all of our critics worked for the Obama administration (you guys did not know this, but I did! I think), so checkmate libs!

Often with this fucking newspaper their particular misdeeds don't even matter that much, it's that you frequently get windows into their totally broken fucking brains and realize "these are not the people who should be ruling our discourse."