Saturday, September 07, 2019

Owning The Libs

One thing about UK politics is that the Tories haven't quite figured out how to do their version of "owning the libs." Not in a consistent obvious fashion, anyway. Part of it's that a bunch of genuine upper class twits who went to Eton and Oxbridge can't quite pull off pretending they came from humble middle class backgrounds, like our Paul Ryans sorta can. And part of it is just that generally the culture war stuff doesn't have such a clear divide. The joke is that the tabloids there can spend 3 days creating outrage about something, and then the next 3 days creating outrage about the fact that anyone created outrage. So, yes, their right wing readers are a bunch of outrage junkies, but that they can flip between getting mad a schoolteacher for being gay (or whatever) and getting mad that anyone got mad at the poor schoolteacher 3 days later, makes it a bit harder to know where the consistent applause lines are.