Thursday, September 19, 2019

Stop Bothering

If Democrats can't even manage to game out what to do when they, say, subpoena someone and they don't respond appropriately, just stop bothering at all. Are we gonna hold the guy in contempt or not? Pretty simple, really. Have a plan. And if you aren't going to hold them in contempt, every time you don't you signal that people can show up in a mankini and sing the greatest hits of Snow instead of testifying and lol nothing matters.

I guess the only plan is they reduce the witness to a blubbering pile of goo like in some ridiculous courtroom drama... I CONFESS I CONFESS!!! I HELPED TRUMP DO ALL THE CRIMES!!!

Which won't happen, and even if it does the NYT headline will be:
Confession of Trump's Crimes Creates A Dilemma For Democrats
Which would be ridiculous, but I have to admit, not actually wrong.