Monday, September 02, 2019

The Noble Profession Of Journalism

Many of you are probably less interested in the subject than I am, but you're probably aware that there are a couple of important and pressing issues in the UK at the moment.
Journalist 1: Does the dog have a name?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: I would expect the dog's name to be revealed shortly. But I don't have it with me. It arrived at 11 o'clock it was brought by Friends of Animals Wales to Number 10, they are a fantastic charity run by volunteers who work around the clock to make a difference to animals. The prime minister has always been a big supporter of animal welfare, has always believed that animals should get the right start in life. That's why the government has taken such significant action in this area.

Journalist 2: Forgive me if I've missed this but has the PM been to Balmoral yet?

Prime Minister spokesperson: Ahh, he has not no. As you will have noticed.

Journalist 2: What's that due to?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: Let me check that and come back to. But certainly not. Any other questions?

Journalist 3: Just on the dog, how old is the dog?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: Ah the dog is, a few months, three or four months. I can get the exact number at the next.

Journalist 3: Boy or girl?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: It's a boy.

Journalist 3: And the naming will be announced by...

Prime Minister's spokesperson: (Laughs) Genuinely I don't know, later on. I will check to see if I can help you out a bit more later on.

Journalist 4: Is there a breed?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: (Inaudible)

Journalist 3: Is it toilet trained? Is it moving into the flat?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: No, it's a rescue puppy, as I say, it has been rescued by the charity Friends of Animals Wales and they've been caring for the puppy so far.

Journalist 3: Do we know if it's toilet trained?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: I genuinely haven't asked.

Journalist 3: Can you ask because it's a considerable amount of time and the prime minister's time can't be taken up by that.

Prime Minister's spokesperson: (Laughs) Well I'd really love to check but I'd say that the charity have been looking after it for several weeks...

Journalist 5: One final question as to the dog, can't believe I'm asking a dog question, who does the dog ultimately belong to? Because there's obviously a cat, the cat will stay where it is and it's territorial and the dog...

Prime Minister's spokesperson: The dog belongs to the PM and Carrie Symonds.

Journalist 6: Has Larry met the dog?

Prime Minister's spokesperson: Larry will have probably met the dog probably by now, but he hadn't when I left.

A source in the briefing said the remaining 20 minutes of the briefing were spent on the other pressing issues of the day, including the political crisis over Brexit.