Monday, October 21, 2019


Just who are your friends, George, and are you even vaguely aware that they are unrepresentative?
EMANUEL: Yes. The one thing I would say is, one of the part of the primary is picking issues that also helps you in the general. This issue is not even out of the primary, and it's got problems. The 2 percent tax on people that earn above $50 million is a winner in the primary and a winner in the general.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The wealth tax.

EMANUEL: Yes, the wealth tax. And that’s why...


STEPHANOPOULOS: Winner in the general?

EMANUEL: Definitely.

FAGEN: Yes. Majority of Republicans...


EMANUEL: Seen all the polling on it, independent voters -- because the Republicans are going to fight it. And people are going to say, this is about equity and fairness.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And it shows I live in Manhattan. In this place it’s not popular.
I don't mean unrepresentative of AMERICA I mean unrepresentative of Manhattan.

When Emanuel is the populist voice of reason....