Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rotisserie Baseball

Baseball is the only sport I regularly half pay attention to, in part because with 8 thousand games per season you don't really have to pay all that much attention. But some people do! They pay a lot of attention! They don't just follow their own local sports franchise. They follow the entirety of baseball! This is amazing.

Amazing but it's something you can conceivably do now. People did it back in the dark ages before they could punch up stats on their phone instantly!

The Kids remember the good old days when the New York Times had a public editor because they remember Margaret Sullivan who was good. I met her once. She didn't like me, though I wasn't sure if she didn't like me or just the dumb bloggers I was representing at an event. But she was good.

Still most of them were bad! The first one was very bad! He was Daniel Okrent and he was dumb and bad and he invented Rotisserie baseball - which we now know as fantasy baseball - back when to invent such a thing you had to be incredibly rich and bored.