Monday, October 14, 2019


Still laughing that people believed (or claimed to believe) that self-driving tech was the key to Uber taking over the world. Even if you believe the tech will work any day now, it's not clear how that tech would really lower costs. Also, too, there's a weird obsession with removing any employees who actually do the work while keeping around amazingly large staffs? I have no idea why Uber has so many non-driving employees. What do they do?
Uber has laid off about 350 employees across several teams within the organization, including Uber Eats, the company confirmed Monday. Shares of Uber climbed 3.2% following the news.
Other teams affected by the announcement include Uber’s performance marketing segment, recruiting, its advanced technologies group and safety units, as well as several of its global rides and platform units. The layoffs amount to roughly 1.5% of Uber’s workforce, which spans 22,263 employees, according to FactSet. Uber reported that it had 26,799 employees as of June 30, 2019, but hasn’t disclosed an employee headcount since then.
I am dumb and I'm not saying there is no need for these employee, but none of them actually do the work that gets the revenue.