Monday, October 07, 2019

You'll Regret This When Chelsea Clinton Is President

Certainly not the first person to make this point, but trying to apply any kind of consistency to conservatives along the lines of "if you think Trump should be an unaccountable president who is above the law and with dictatorial powers then just get ready for the iron rule of President Chelsea Clinton!!!" completely misses the point of their worldview.

They don't think presidents should have that kind of power. They think conservative presidents should. They don't think Democrats should be allowed to be president at all. Laws are for other people. In fact laws are tools that their team uses to crush your team.

#notallconservatives, whatever, but you can't prod authoritarian conservatives with your view of "consistency" because they are perfectly consistent, just in a different way than you imagine. Hypocrisy is a hilarious concept to them, and they laugh when you invoke it. They aren't hypocrites. They are perfectly consistent in their view that they have the right to rule in any way they choose and Democrats don't.