Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Better Things Aren't Possible

I continue to be amazed about how much that is the explicit message from some of the Dem candidates. Arguably it's more their *message* than their *platform*. As in you can probably make the case that their expressed policy desires are pretty "Left" in comparison to previous Dem campaigns, but then they come out and are like "Oh no, we just can't do that, it's crazy. What if rich people could drive on roads for free, too? Free libraries? What if Jared Kushner wanted to check out a book?!?!"

I suppose conventional wisdom about primaries (though wrong for various reasons) is that candidates run to their Left (or Right for Republicans) to win the primary and then run to the center to win the general. Some candidates are planning the reverse, though I expect it's "appeal to scared old people in the primary and then run on 'Trump sucks' in the general."

Could work, but...then what?