Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Maybe He Was A Hope Shopping Network Addict

I'm sure I am naive about how much money I could easily spend. It's not as if I lack expensive tastes entirely! I'd travel a bit more. Stay in better places when I did, or at least fret about cost less when I did travel. I don't even love opera, but I'd get better seats to the opera. Get some non-Ikea couches. Splurges like that. Give me lots of money and we can perform this experiment. Oh no I might be wrong! Sorry, spent it all.

And if I really had extra cash I'd probably do what nice-but-not-really-that-nice rich people do. Give some money to the local theatre company. That kind of thing. Not the worst thing in the world, but also it buys a bit of ass kissing and self-importance. Probably I'd find one really worthy "the money really goes where they need it" charity. Have a few in mind.

But I think of people like Rudy and just wonder why on Earth he would get involved with all of this stuff. Not because I think Rudy is Good, but shouldn't Rudy be Lazy? Shouldn't he just be like "I'm America's goddamn Mayor. Put me on your corporate board. Pay me 50 grand per speech. Comp me at all the best restaurants." That rich people get comped is sad and hilarious, though I'm sure the good ones leave good tips at least. I know the 8 times or so I have been comped (bloggers are famous!) I left most of the meal price as a tip. Okay once I saw a mouse that ran in from the outside. I still left most of the meal price as a tip. We know from divorce reports he spends money on dumb things - cigars! fountain pens! - but those aren't exactly budget busting, even if they are a bit absurd.

Other people are weird, is what I am saying. Or maybe I am.