Thursday, November 07, 2019

"Odd Occurrences"

How many highway trips do you take without any swerving?
It doesn’t take long or much data to model ordinary driving, actions like staying in a lane, braking and changing lanes on a highway. But that doesn’t “solve” self-driving on highways because the hard part is how to build a driver that can handle the odd occurrences, such as swerving, or correct for those bad behaviors.

Ghost’s system uses machine learning to find more interesting scenarios in the reams of data it collects and builds training models based on them.
Any limited application is much more of a realistic possibility than Elon's "robotaxis," though I'm still pretty skeptical that even genuine attention-free highway driving is possible. And still no one has really figured out who is it fault - ethically, legally, financially - when your self-driving car kills someone, though making it clear that no driver attention is required begins to answer this question. Tesla's position is, basically, that if the driver fails to intervene it is their fault and if the driver intervenes it is of course their fault because they were in control. Not sure the insurance companies will continue to be happy with this.