Friday, November 29, 2019

What The Hell Was Wrong With You

All of our choices are constrained by cost and circumstances and I'm really not one who thinks taking public transit is some moral virtue, but really this is dumb.
Even when we moved back to Center City at Broad and Pine, an easy one-mile walk from The Inquirer’s headquarters, I persisted in driving. I paid for parking near 8th and Market and grappled with the daily hassles of clogged city streets, potholes that threatened to flatten my tires or decimate my shock absorbers, and parking lots that were often as frustrating to navigate as the surrounding streets.
Then one day last summer, when the Philadelphia heat and humidity were at their worst, I spent 15 agonizing minutes unsuccessfully trying to find an open space in the lot where I paid $35 every week — a discounted rate for our company employees — for the privilege of parking. It was a watershed moment. Returning to work that day, I canceled my account for parking and, with a steely determination, decided to once and for all return to public transportation.
"Steely determination."
Driving from Broad&Pine to park at 8th&Market is... well.. nuts... unless you have some other reason to do so (maybe you need your car for something else during work hours! sure). Like always nuts unless you have any mobility issues. I don't care what the weather is.
Also, pro-tips, dude:

1) if you don't want to walk the whole way, or are ambivalent, walk to 11th, grab the 45 bus if it is coming, and then walk the rest of the way (that he never mentions The Bus is hilarious. That someone lives in center city and never considers taking the bus is a tragedy).

2)Take PATCO! One seat drops you right there!

Generally, if you move around Center City and are happy to walk but like the occasional boost, a transit pass+plus apps telling you if a bus is is coming is the way to go. Bus frequency everywhere isn't as it should be, but in this part of the city there's generally a bus on its way and if one is going your way hop on it!