Sunday, December 15, 2019

Bringing The Fun In

I know I keep saying this but I find the Trump years to be utterly humorless, or more specifically that humor about the Trump years just grates on me. What could be funnier than just pointing and laughing at the buffoon, except it isn't really "ha ha funny." Even during the dark depths of the Bush years - and they were dark depths even if too many people were just sleepwalking through the years - dumb jokes kept me entertained. There are understandable reasons for this and some maybe not so good reasons for this, but I just want to gouge my eyes out when I read something like, "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE TOTALLY MOCKED KELLYANNE!!!!" or whatever. That's not a comment on the quality of SNL, which can be good or bad depending and I don't really care, just that however funny "Sean Spicer" riding around on a podium and yelling at that sexual harasser who works at the New York Times might be, it just isn't really funny to me. Maybe why is rather obvious. So the president is rapey and the guy who writes about him is rapey too! Not so funny when you think about it that way.

OK it's a bit that I'm just old and gloomy, but more that the humor and the horror are one and the same.