Wednesday, December 04, 2019


I don't think I am an especially nice or compassionate person. I'm a bit (or more!) self-centered and selfish. I'd like to think I show up when people need it, but I probably don't quite enough. Possibly passive cruelty or the cruelty of indifference is much worse than I like to think it is!

But, still, active knowing cruelty. I don't get it, folks. That's some malarkey right there.
But the money-saving recommendations the consultants came up with made some career ICE staff uncomfortable. They proposed cuts in spending on food for migrants, as well as on medical care and supervision of detainees, according to interviews with people who worked on the project for both ICE and McKinsey and 1,500 pages of documents obtained from the agency after ProPublica filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act.

McKinsey’s team also looked for ways to accelerate the deportation process, provoking worries among some ICE staff members that the recommendations risked short-circuiting due process protections for migrants fighting removal from the United States. The consultants, three people who worked on the project said, seemed focused solely on cutting costs and speeding up deportations — activities whose success could be measured in numbers — with little acknowledgment that these policies affected thousands of human beings.