Thursday, December 05, 2019


We are doomed.

I get that a primary campaign ad mostly designed to draw attention and maybe even just enrage Trump for lolz isn't going to matter for November. What does matter is all the Smart Politics Knowers gushing over the ad. Fan service ads are fine, but nobody who might vote for Trump is going to think, "Oh No, Macron laughed at him! Gonna rethink" The opposite, in fact. Pissing off stupid furriners is part of Trump's brand. It's like all the ads from a recent election in which Very Serious Republicans expressed their concerns about Trump. Yes voters who want to throw the bums out are going to be very upset to discover the bums don't like Trump.

Yes Trump loved to claim that the world was laughing at "us" because of Obama. Haha got him now! Does nobody speak wingnut? Trump just meant, "it's embarrassing that a black guy is in charge." That's it. Nobody cares about the opinions of our trusted allies.