Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Have You Seen Donald Trump

I have no doubt that Donald Trump is capable of lapping George Bush as The Worst Preznit Ever, though Bush was in pretty good shape and ran, or at least mountain biked, pretty far and two-big-macs-from-cardiac-arrest Trump is going to have to work a bit harder than we are used to from him. Still his immediate threats to marginalized people domestically, as opposed to globally, are rather obvious and not especially narrowly targeted.

A big tell from elite journalists is they are incapable of shaking the "us" versus "them" perspective in their coverage. We are wealthy white New Yorkers, they are other people. Poor gross disgusting other people. Donald Trump is only the greatest show on Earth if the acid he sprays into the audience at the climax of the show will never reach you. You can only cover him as they too often do if you know the acid is for the groundlings, not the people in the real seats.