Sunday, December 08, 2019


Maybe transporters?

It's maddening that transit agencies are run by people who want "innovative ideas." If you have no extra money, run lots of buses. If you have a bit of money and political will, run lots of buses with increasing degrees of their own rights of way (dedicated lanes, priority signals, separated lanes, etc...). If you have more money it's rail (sometimes even just making more use of what's already there). There's no magic, but also it isn't complicated.
Got an idea how to move lots of people between the Secaucus train station, MetLife Stadium and the American Dream retail and entertainment complex? Now is the time to formally pitch them to NJ Transit.

Close to a month after the transit agency held its innovation challenge on Nov. 7 at the Meadowlands with 140 participants, the agency now wants formal ideas from firms with the wherewithal to make them happen.
NJ Transit wants an idea with the capability to move 20,000 people an hour from Secaucus Junction to MetLife Stadium for special events, double the amount that can be transported now. The agency also wants transit ideas that can move up to 6,000 people an hour on a daily basis to and from American Dream.
20,000/hour is hard without good rail. 6,000 is easy and it just requires a lot of buses.