Monday, December 16, 2019


There's nothing corrupt about keeping the House impeachment process open. There is actually something corrupt about sending it all to the Senate where the corruption has been communicated clearly on the president's favorite TV network. It's a bit like handing a gun and your car keys to your cousin with the face mask and directions to the bank and hoping he'll make an ATM withdrawal and then saying "whocoodanode."
“Let’s impeach him now and NOT send it to the Senate rather keep investigating in the House, and add such supplemental articles as needed!” Dean wrote on Twitter this weekend. “Just let it hang over his head. If the worst happens and he is re-elected, send it to the Senate. But keep investigating!!”

Dean is not alone in suggesting this. There’s a growing sense among those who believe that Congress has a duty -- both to the American people and to future presidents -- to call out high crimes and misdemeanors that impeachment is actually the be-all-and-end-all sanction, considering that a kangaroo court awaits in McConnell’s Senate. Indeed, people with access to Trump say that -- while he believes impeachment will help him in the 2020 campaign (and he may be right) -- he also sees the looming vote as a huge humiliation. As it should be.
And stop with the Senate comity, "oh, gee, I really hope Mitch does the right thing." Mitch is not going to do the right thing. "Mitch is corrupt AF." Say it.