Monday, December 02, 2019

Real Genius

Sometimes I can't tell if they're really this dumb or if they just aren't playing the game we think they are playing.
HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI has made no secret of her desire to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement by the end of the year, telling reporters recently that it would be her goal for the House to vote on it before Christmas. Centrist Democrats have been insisting privately that a quick passage for the trade deal is necessary for moderate members of Congress to win their competitive reelections in 2020, to show they can “do something.” Unions have made clear, meanwhile, that from their perspective, USMCA lacks real labor enforcement mechanisms, which could undermine the whole deal, further drag down wages, and eliminate more jobs.
A bit of both can be the case, of course.

Is this a "donors want" thing? A "Trump might tweet mean things about us if we don't pass it" thing? A "what moderate heartland voters really love is trade deals" thing?

I dunno, man.