Friday, December 13, 2019


No perfect analogies, but the LibDems are like if you distilled every US manifestation of supposed "centrism" (Hot Soup, Tom Friedman, every senator who has been in a "gang of X", Third Way, most elite political journalists, Jon Chait, Claire McCaskill, etc...) into their essence and then animated some really unpleasant people with it. They get an absurd amount of media attention in the UK - jolly good pals - despite not exactly doing very well in elections recently or ever. And they are incredibly smug. Quite sure they are the smartest people in the room who should be in charge of everything if only the ungrateful peasants would recognize their genius.
Jo Swinson has apologised to the Liberal Democrats for a dismal election in which she lost her seat and the party slipped to 11 MPs, but said she did not regret fighting on a defiantly pro-remain platform.
Better luck next time!